Our Story

Collinear is a global technology innovator providing intelligent wireless connectivity solutions for the connected world. Led by a team of seasoned executives from the telecom and networking industries, we endeavor to solve real, global problems by creating a seamless path for technology, information, and ideas to reach wherever they need to be.
We integrate our unique advanced traffic handling into a suite of products that provide scale, flexibility, and reliability to satisfy the requirements of traffic diversification and high-volume data growth.
Together, our evolving systems enable us to help build the world’s most reliable wireless networks. We make connectivity reach further, and we want to make it matter.


We endeavor to solve real, global problems. So we set out on the challenge to invent applications for cutting edge technology for the benefit of our clients, and society-at-large.


We stretch and adapt until we get it right. New challenges require a brave, smart, and flexible way of thinking. Whether it's technology or collaboration amongst our teams, partners, clients or investors; the whole is always greater than the sum of its parts. We are driven by our ambition to make a real difference.


Committed to our teams and partners, we are ready to go above and beyond for the future we are building together. It’s the ‘Collinear Way’. We sharpen our senses, we take risks and we work hard for a brighter tomorrow


As a mature team that has navigated challenges big and small, we pair our technological “know-how” with our partners’ capabilities to envision solutions for the most challenging contexts.


We identify challenges then we set out to tackle and solve them. We are committed to delivering on our promises. When we say we'll do something, we won't stop until we get it done.


Aamir Hussain

Chief Executive Officer

Sekar Swaminathan

Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Norman L. Swenson

Chief Scientist

Helen Ojha

Co-Founder, EVP Product Strategy

Ed Gerhardt

Chief Innovations Officer

Ian Solomon

Chief Financial Officer

Abraham Pucheril

EVP, Product, Sales, and Marketing

Board of Directors

Cliff Higgerson


Michael Ashforth


Todd Bennett


John Cioffi


Aamir Hussain

Chief Executive Officer and Director

Rod Jones


Kemper Shaw