Ultra-high Capacity mmWave Link

AirCNX-Outdoor v2

Future-Ready Wireless Connectivity

AirCNXTM, one of Collinear’s CNX SystemsTM, is an E-Band millimeter wave solution that includes the CNX E-Band radio and the EdgeCNXTM platform.  Using high band millimeter waves, the AirCNX provides the capacity networks need while utilizing spectrum more efficiently. Able to deliver up to 10 Gbps and cover a range of up to 5 km, the AirCNX helps providers and enterprises meet the needs of continued data traffic growth.

Multi-dimensional Scaling

Scaling up to more AirCNX links is simplified operationally by Collinear’s optional CNX DirectorTM EMS which provides auto-discovery and bulk configuration.  The AirCNX can optionally complement an existing microwave link, or be upgraded to a Collinear HybridCNX (mmWave and FSO) link.

In dual-band and dual-technology links, not only is capacity increased, but Collinear’s exclusive EdgeCNX intelligent traffic management optimizes network yield through adaptive capacity techniques.


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