Alex 1.0

Alex 1.0

Alex 1.0 is a new type of over-the-air transport, delivering high capacity over distance with greater intelligence to meet operator’s emerging backhaul and other high capacity wireless transmission needs.

Its intelligent switch functionality delivers traffic via the combination of an advanced Free-Space Optics (FSO) link and a cutting- edge E-Band millimeter-wave link. Programmable traffic steering techniques schedule and prioritize traffic to take advantage of the complementary nature of the two links, providing speeds of 20Gbps over a distance of up to 5km with carrier-grade availability.

Collinear’s Alex 1.0 solution maximizes wireless capacity in weather conditions, mitigating the traditional weather-related limitations of both legacy FSO and new E-Band solutions, providing high availability, high capacity over longer distances. When rain limits the E-Band link capacity, traffic continues to flow via the unaffected FSO link. When fog impacts the FSO link, the E-Band link continues to operate at full capacity.

Alex 1.0

Programmable Traffic Steering

Collinear’s link adaptation technology manages traffic across the two links, based on priority, as weather and link characteristics change, offering superior QoS while ensuring service level specifications.

In the future, Collinear’s link adaptation algorithm will analyze past and current weather and traffic data to predict link behavior, to maintain the highest, priority-based, link utilization. NETCONF/YANG, web-based UI, and CLI interfaces allow easy configuration of the Collinear solution. This provides flexibility in automating and provisioning various traffic treatments, as well as integration with the operator’s Network Management System.

Alex 1.0 has been designed for quick and easy installation. Compact hardware allows installation and initial pointing in minutes, not hours, by a single technician. Minimal data entry is also required for device bringup, further speeding up deployments.

Alex 1.0

Feature-Packed High Performance

  • Speeds of 20Gbps over a distance of up to 5km
  • Programmable Traffic Steering
  • 8 Class of Service (CoS) Queues
  • P2P, Relay* and Ring* Topologies
  • Ethernet Flow Control
  • High link availability in most weather conditions
  • NETCONF interface with YANG Data Models
  • Inherent Interference Resiliency and Mitigation
  • Advanced FSO with Active Pointing and Tracking
  • Unlicensed FSO Spectrum

Applications & Use Cases

  • Mobile Backhaul
  • Small Cells Aggregation
  • Fixed Wireless and Broadband to the Home
  • Enterprise Connectivity
* Indicates Future Capability
Alex 1.0

Why Alex?

With the invention of the telephone in 1876, Alexander Graham Bell helped shape modern-day communications. But, his contribution to communications didn’t stop there. Working with his assistant Charles Sumner Tainter, he developed the photophone, which enabled sound to be transmitted on a beam of light, and in 1881, they successfully sent a photophone message over 200 yards – from one building to another.

Alexander regarded the photophone as an equally important invention to his telephone. We couldn’t agree more. After all, it’s the principle upon which today’s laser and fiber optic communication systems are founded.

We’ve named our first technology solution in honor of Alexander Graham Bell, both as a communications pioneer, and as the progenitor of our own FSO/E-Band RF Solution…only his full name was just a tad too long for a product label. So, we went with Alex instead.

Like Alex, and all of the other communication pioneers who have come before us, we are driven by our ambition to make a real difference by creating transformative connectivity solutions that empower organizations, people, and the world at large.