Ed Gerhardt

Chief Development Officer in Engineering & Development

Ed has over 30 years of wireless (digital and RF) and networking system and equipment design experience, as well as high-volume manufacturing. Domain expertise includes spectral-efficient satellite and microwave radio communications systems, cognitive and software-defined radios, system performance and cost optimization, technical development management, design-to-cost, and manufacturing.

Prior to join Collinear Networks, Ed was VP of Operations at KTS Wireless where he was is responsible for the development and production of the Agility family of software-defined radio products delivered to commercial and military customers around the world.

Ed previously founded three successful wireless startups that were acquired by Scientific Atlanta, Comsat, and PCOM.  He has been the general manager of wireless companies with annual sales of up to $100 million. Products from these startups have yielded sales of well over $1B. Ed has managed engineering teams of over 250 people with design centers in the US, Europe and Asia. He was the lead technologist on the development of the first VSAT, PTM Microwave Network, Spread Spectrum, and broadband millimeter-wave point-to-point radios.

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