Jón Hörðdal

Chief Information Officer

Jón has over 20 years’ experience creating and leading software and technology companies – from startups to global technology leaders. He is results-oriented, with a strong customer focus, and an emphasis on collaboration, quality and efficiency in all aspects of global IT business.

Before joining Collinear Jón was Chief Operating Officer of CCP Games, whose flagship product was the world’s largest multiplayer online game. As COO, Jón was responsible for the company’s game publishing division, as well as internal operations, and development and oversight of global functions including Customer Support, Community Management, Live/Server Operations, Web Development, Billing, Business Intelligence, Internal Affairs, IT, and Administration. Concurrently, he also served as the General Manager of CCP Asia in Shanghai. During his eight-year tenure, he grew the company to over 600 employees.

Previously, Jón was the Director of Product Development at Eskill, a software service and development company in Iceland. He began his career in the software industry as a tester at OZ.com, developers one of the world’s first Multi-User Virtual Reality solutions. He also co-founded and became CEO of SmartVR, an OZ spin-off that offered world-leading business collaboration and communication solutions based on multi-user virtual reality.

Jón has also served on the advisory board of several technology startups and holds a B.Ed. degree from the University of Iceland.

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