Reza Norouzian

Senior Vice President of Sales & Business Development in Sales

Reza is responsible for global business and customer development at Collinear, driving revenue growth by engaging top tier wireless and cloud operators. A proven entrepreneur, Reza has successfully helped build four consecutive ventures – ClariPhy/InPhi (optical system on chip), Link-A-Media/SK Hynix (SSD/HDD SoCs, of which he was co-founder), Vixel/Avago (storage switch), and TranSwitch (communications ICs) – leading each to significant revenue and gross margins, resulting in profitable exits.

Reza began his career as a VLSI development engineer at General Instruments. He next worked in applications, and marketing engineering roles at GI and GEC Plessey before transitioning to sales and business development, and entrepreneurships with NEC and DataPath Systems.

Reza received his BSEE from The Ohio State University and is still an active volunteer helping schools commercialize compelling technology.

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