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to help provide intelligent wireless systems for a more connected world

Connectivity. Enterprises depend on broadband connectivity for commerce, operations, and information.  People depend on it for entertainment, security, information, and socialization. Keeping global connectivity capabilities out ahead of continually increasing expectations takes expertise and innovation.

Challenges. Not only does the world need more broadband coverage and capacity to bridge the digital divide, but even advanced networks must continue to evolve. 5G mobile network requirements for throughput and latency are just the beginning. Increasingly, networks will have to balance multiple simultaneous requirements from connected cars to Industry 4.0 to new video technologies.
Collinear. At Collinear Networks entrepreneurs, inventors, scientists, engineers and global business thinkers are solving tough communications network challenges. Our team members bring personal expertise to collaboratively build solutions for hard to reach areas of the world and for the increasing diversity of traffic networks must support. We expect our technology to change lives and fuel new opportunities through innovative systems for a more connected world.

How We Work

Put Customers First

Nothing inside Collinear is more important that what is happening in our customers’ networks and businesses.  We value a customer-first mindset, and we value the contributions our customers make to their local communities through the connectivity they provide.

Courage to Innovate

We will solve network challenges by looking well ahead and designing solutions that disrupt the status quo.  We value innovation.

Strive for Excellence

We provide solutions for networks that demand high reliability.  We value precision and taking ownership of our work. We reward hard work and efficient execution.

Transparent Leadership

We do our best work when we are respectful yet honest with each other.  We value respect for all and transparency from all.

Passion for Growth

We have passion for growth and value everyone who shares this view.

Celebrate Success

We cherish our employees and their families.  While we work hard, we also value the ability to take a down moment now and then to celebrate success, good work, a good day, or just a good meal.

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Interested to see how you can contribute your talent?  Please click here to see open job listings or to submit a general application.

Collinear Networks, Inc. provides wireless fiber connectivity including free-space optical, millimeter wave, and hybrid links to service provider and enterprise networks around the globe.  As a pioneer in next generation edge and transport technology, Collinear is working to develop intelligent connectivity solutions for a more connected world.

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