CNX Director
CNX Director

Network visibility, intelligence and control

Secure, Unified Element Management

Collinear’s CNX DirectorTM is an integrated element management system that aids network managers and operators in the management and monitoring of CNX Systems.  The software provides key performance indicators from the network, all the way down to the network element for more visibility and control. CNX Director supports multiple user roles for secure access to network management functions.

Scalable to Thousands of Network Elements​

CNX Director is scalable to manage tens of thousands of network elements and able to support partitioning of the network into management domains for different administrators.  For rapid deployment of Collinear’s AirCNX, LightCNX and HybridCNX solutions, CNX Director provides invaluable management tools and administrative control. 

Screenshot - Topology v2

Simplified Operations

In order to simplify common configuration across the network, CNX Director supports creation of custom configuration templates.CNX Director also supports multiple Northbound interfaces for flexible integration with Network Management Systems and BSS/OSS systems, including JMX (Java Management Extensions), XML/SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol), and REST APIs.
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