Collinear at CommunicAsia 2018

Industry News & Publications - July 2018

Collinear’s Chief Solutions Architect, Victa McClelland, addressed a packed house at last week’s CommunicAsia Summit, June 26 in Singapore.

Speaking to telco operators and enterprise companies in a race to prepare their infrastructures for the proliferation of data and traffic types being driven by new use cases, McClelland reassured audiences that Collinear’s Hybrid FSO/E-Band RF technology solution with intelligent traffic management, Alex 1.0 can solve the problems of high capacity and reliability in over-the-air communications.

He explained, “fiber is one solution for overcoming this obstacle, but it is not a viable everywhere since it is costly and takes time to deploy. There is pressing and immediate need for a viable wireless alternative across the globe, and especially in developing nations. Other technologies, such as Millimeter Wave, offer promise, but in deployed situations have degraded performance in bad weather.”

Collinear’s Alex 1.0 solution maximizes wireless capacity in weather conditions, mitigating the traditional weather-related limitations of both legacy FSO and new E-Band solutions, providing high availability, high capacity over longer distances. When rain limits the E-Band link capacity, traffic continues to flow via the unaffected FSO link. When fog impacts the FSO link, the E-Band link continues to operate at full capacity.

Its intelligent switch functionality delivers traffic via the combination of an advanced Free-Space Optics (FSO) link and a cutting- edge E-Band millimeter-wave link. Programmable traffic steering techniques schedule and prioritize traffic to take advantage of the complementary nature of the two links, providing speeds of 20Gbps over a distance of up to 5km with carrier-grade availability.

Collinear has commenced trials in several areas within the APAC region and are looking to formally launch their Alex 1.0 solution in late 2018.

Collinear Chief Solutions Architect, Vic McClelland addressing the audience during his presentation at CommunicAsia 2018 in Singapore.

Collinear’s meeting room at CommunicAsia 2018 in Singapore with Alex 1.0 on display. 

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