Collinear chosen to participate in CableLab’s UpRamp Innovation Showcase in Keystone, Colorado.

Publications - August 2018
Colinear’s Hybrid Free Space Optics (FSO) and E-Band RF technology solution with intelligent traffic management, Alex 1.0, was recently recognized as an innovative network technology by UpRamp, an incubator arm of CableLabs, at CableLab’s Summer Conference in Keystone, Colorado. The theme of this year’s conference was “Faster Together.”

One of only eight start-ups chosen from hundreds, Collinear had the opportunity to present Alex 1.0 in an exclusive session to cable industry executives and host a booth in the vendor hall where a live demonstration of Alex 1.0 was conducted.

Named after the telecommunications pioneer Alexander Graham Bell, Alex 1.0 operates at up to 20Gbps over distances of up to 5km, delivering an unprecedented combination of speed, range and cost efficiency without sacrificing throughput, availability or reliability.

CableLabs is a consortium of sixty companies aimed at driving collaboration and technology advancement within the cable industry, where nearly half of the member companies are also Mobile Network Operators (MNOs). The duality of these twenty-eight MNOs proves that the boundaries that once existed between wired and wireless networks no longer exist.

“It was clear from the cable companies we spoke with in our booth that they are aware they need to quickly build out their networks while still ensuring their customers receive the utmost quality of service,” said Ted Wolcott, Vice President, Business Development of Collinear, who represented the company at the conference.
He continued, “Fiber optics may be superior network technology when considering throughput, availability and reliability, but fiber cannot be deployed everywhere. Issues with right-of-way, natural and manmade obstacles and government regulations consistently obstruct new network deployments.”

Indeed, the combination of Collinear Networks’ Alex and service providers can address network gaps and become “faster together.”

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