Company Overview
Company Overview

Collinear Networks, part of EOS Communication Systems, is pioneering intelligent wireless connectivity solutions for global communication networks to address present and future needs in 4G, 5G, fixed, enterprise and Internet of Things networks.

The digitization of the world continues to drive more data over more networks for more diversified reasons.  The network requirements for streaming video are not the same as those for the industrial IoT, which differ still from the needs of real-time gaming and other ultra-low latency applications.

Getting data from the sender to the receiver, with the optimum latency, reliability, and throughput is increasingly dependent on the intelligence and capacity of the transport network.

In many networks the move to new business models and  new services requires that transport solutions support SDN/NFV, network slicing, and the ability to reliably sustain service level agreements throughout the network.

“Existing wireless backhaul systems will require significant upgrades in the areas of capacity and traffic management without compromising resiliency”

Collinear Networks has addressed these needs by pioneering a modular system for wireless transport and edge services called the CNX SystemTM.

The CNX System provides multi-technology wireless links, including millimeter wave, and free-space optical transmission mediums. These ultra-high capacity links are controlled by the EdgeCNX platform which provides L2 switching and implements intelligent traffic handling.

This means that service providers and enterprises can have up to 20 Gbps wireless transport capacity that is reliable, programmable, and affordable.  By using proprietary intelligent traffic adaptation, exclusive free-space optical precision technology, and distinctive hybrid link capabilities, Collinear has pioneered a new breed of wireless connectivity.

From Europe to Asia, from mountains to sub-tropical climates, Collinear’s products have out-performed alternatives and beaten expectations for what is possible from wireless transport.

Collinear Networks, Inc. provides wireless fiber connectivity including free-space optical, millimeter wave, and hybrid links to service provider and enterprise networks around the globe.  As a pioneer in next generation edge and transport technology, Collinear is working to develop intelligent connectivity solutions for a more connected world.

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