Dual-technology 20 Gbps Wireless Link


Meet the HybridCNX

The HybridCNXTM is an Ethernet-based point-to-point wireless transport solution that provides a dual-technology link comprised of millimeter wave (mmWave) and free-space optical (FSO) transmission media operating as a single, diversified link. The link is managed by the EdgeCNXTM platform, an intelligent L2 switch that uses Collinear’s distinctive LinkLogicTM software to adapt the link dynamically based on parameterized traffic characteristics and actual link conditions for better network yield and greater service flexibility.

Ultra-high Capacity, Reliable Wireless Transport

HybridCNX dual-technology links take advantage of the complementary nature of radio and wireless optical transmission media to create a more reliable and higher capacity wireless link. Collinear’s HybridCNX goes farther: 2 to 2.5X farther at the same availability and capacity than any other wireless transport solution.  This translates to the lowest cost per bit per kilometer over longer distances.

Collinear’s solutions also support optional integration with existing microwave networks so service providers and enterprises can step up to ultra-high capacity without having to rip and replace.


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Collinear Networks, Inc. provides wireless fiber connectivity including free-space optical, millimeter wave, and hybrid links to service provider and enterprise networks around the globe.  As a pioneer in next generation edge and transport technology, Collinear is working to develop intelligent connectivity solutions for a more connected world.

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