Pioneering Free-Space Optical Link


Free-Space Optical Lights Up Wireless Transport

The LightCNXTM is an Ethernet-based point-to-point wireless transport solution that uses the most advanced free-space optical technologies available, including advances exclusively licensed for commercial use from the aerospace industry.

Free-space optics is a line of sight transport medium that uses an invisible beam of light for data transmission.  Similar to fiber optic transmission, FSO light is modulated by a transmitter and then demodulated by a receiver. Instead of sending the light through an optical fiber (glass), the beam is transmitted through the air. The available bandwidth associated with a single optical signal is comparable to the entire usable RF spectrum of more than 100 GHz.

LightCNX Advanced FSO Technology

Collinear’s CNX FSO operates in the 1550 nm band which enables safe operation at much higher transmit power, translating to more capacity. The LightCNX uses a very narrow beam at eye-safe power level and adjusts dynamically for twist, sway and vibration to keep the light pointed directly on the receiver. Collinear’s solution offers the only path to 10 Gbps wireless transport in locations where E-Band channels are limited in width.

Not only are Collinear’s LightCNX links ultra-high capacity, they also operate in non-licensed spectrum. And, the LightCNX is simple to install and has advanced software-based pointing and tracking to ensure the laser’s reliability.


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