Mobile Future Forward Executive Summit 2018: The Era of Connected Intelligence

Publications - October 2018
Collinear proudly sponsored this year’s Mobile Future Forward Executive Summit held in Seattle, WA, October 4, 2018. Produced and directed by Chetan Sharma Consulting, industry leaders converged to discuss a wide range of topics related to this year’s theme: Connected Intelligence: Exponential Ecosystems. During his keynote introduction, Chetan Sharma kicked off the summit by painting a broad picture of current and emerging quantified traces of the 4th Wave, an era of connected intelligence.

Under the auspices of one branch of modern technologies – mobile technologies – speakers and panelists proffered case studies of ecosystems colliding, overlapping, and collaborating to create exponential interactions and intersections of technology.

Throughout the day’s panels and informal discussions, it was more than obvious that mobile operators face the dawn of a new age – a 4th Wave in the evolution of mobile technology, or as Sharma calls it, — the “Era of Connected Intelligence.” Panelists discussed a wide range of human activities increasingly connected via this technology, tying together massive data creations both at rest and in transit, “oasis towns,” yet to be connected to data transmissions routes both great and small, and human discovery and inquiry into the validity of just a few hundred quantum computed qubits or a neural network image recognizer.

Attendees left with a strong sense of the exponential: in the continued growth of data recharged by an expanding world of IoT’s billions of sensor data streams; the continued growth of compute power in our evermore powerful handheld devices, and our larger equipment complexes fed and orchestrated by pushing more data-work to a shifting edge terrain; the potentials given rise to by bringing the next 3-4 billion new minds online; the discoveries possible from accelerated learning and newly created objects of exchange; and the growing population of our “intelligent creations” demanding a corresponding growth in our powers of explanation, verification, and oversight.

All this in one day.

We left with much to ponder, inspired by insights and deep questions – something we have come to expect and appreciate from Mobile Future Forward summits.

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