Collinear is pioneering next generation over-the-air data transmission solutions to enable the escalating convergence of fixed, mobile and Wi-Fi broadband, driving advances across traffic management, speed, latency, distance, form factor, and deployment. Our solutions provide the scale, flexibility, and elasticity to satisfy the requirements of new use cases that require carriage of diverse traffic types, and high-volume data growth to address today’s mobile network pain points, aiding operators on their path to new architectures, virtualization, and expansion of services via new business models.


Proliferation of traffic types driven by new use cases, plus data growth, demand higher capacity, lower cost, and improved network flexibility, intelligence, performance & predictability.

Current deployed network technologies and architectures struggle to satisfy the demand for new use cases and data growth. Thus, the mobile infrastructure landscape is rapidly evolving as dependence on the underlying network increases exponentially. Smart phones, applications, and high definition video usage continues to explode enhancing communications and entertainment. Enterprises are moving to a hybrid cloud strategy for business agility, efficiency and scale. IoT promises a multitude of devices becoming smart and connected, and big data demands more connectivity to collect and analyze data to automate manual processes. Operators require advancements in the speed, range, and form factor of wireless transmission technology, and new methods for traffic management to improve capacity, efficiency and cost per Mb. The evolution to new network architectures (e.g. 5G), new business models and expanded services requires transmission solutions that support SDN/NFV, infrastructure sharing, network slicing, multi-tenancy, and the capability to reliably sustain an SLA over a wireless link.

Programmable Intelligence, Higher Capacity, Longer Range

Unprecedented Speed, Range & Cost Efficiency
Collinear has been working with Lockheed Martin Space under an exclusive licensing and development agreement entered in June 2014 to commercialize a hybrid point-to-point over-the-air transmission product developed by Lockheed Martin Space that incorporates innovative Free Space Optical (FSO) and E-Band technology. This technology enables multiple firsts in the capacity and economics of hybrid point-to-point over-the-air transmission solutions that can fill the mobile data capacity gap. Collinear innovations include:
  • Proprietary FSO technology for very high capacities over greater range of distances not previously possible.
  • Hybrid solution using FSO and E-Band RF technology and predictive capacity to resolve the limitations of previous RF and FSO solutions.
  • Programmable intelligent traffic handling via service and application-aware network intelligence to fill the capacity gap with flexible and elastic connectivity.
  • Intelligent Traffic Management that incorporates Software Defined Networking together with Collinear developed software that enables network slicing, Quality of Service management, and other L2/L3 features.
  • Breakthroughs in manufacturing techniques bring cost efficiency for a highly disruptive solution.


Alex 1.0

Alex 1.0 is a new, flexible, Hybrid FSO/E-Band RF ultra-high capacity over-the-air solution with an intelligent switch that provides advances across traffic management, speed, latency and distance to improve capacity, efficiency and cost per megabit.

Use Cases

Collinearʼs Hybrid Link addresses the need for four, high capacity, reliable, over-the-air communication use cases:

Mobile backhaul

Collinear’s highly scalable and robust hybrid over-the-air solution, utilizing Free Space Optics (FSO) and E-Band RF, dramatically optimizes cost-per-bit over distance, and is built to meet mobile backhaul requirements and addresses network architecture evolution.

Small Cells Aggregation

Collinear’s Hybrid Link is built to support the traffic capacity, port density and traffic management demands small cells will require from the backhaul, where the macro site aggregates traffic of a small cell clusters.

Fixed Wireless and Broadband to the Home

Collinear can help service providers solve this problem with its Hybrid Link by connecting existing fiber points-of-presence closer to customers, where existing technologies can then deliver gigabit speeds (G-fast, docsis 3.1).

Enterprise Connectivity

Collinear’s Hybrid Link can be used along with SD-WAN as an alternative to current low capacity, branch enterprise connections.