Multi-technology links plus edge intelligence deliver adaptive capacity

Collinear Networks offers innovative solutions for intelligent wireless transport. Our products address challenges and enable new opportunities in mobile, fixed, enterprise and Internet of Things (IoT) networks.

All of Collinear’s products deliver key benefits including ultra-high capacity to enable eMBB, fixed wireless, and other solutions that require multi-gigabit throughput.

Collinear’s AirCNX millimeter wave product and the LightCNX free-space optical product each deliver up to 10Gbps capacity, and the HybridCNX hybrid mmWave / free-space product can provide up to 20Gbps.  With Collinear, you get wireless flexibility: no trenches to dig, no fiber to pull. Our over-the-air transmission means the connectivity can run as the crow flies, wherever it is needed.

Providers and enterprises can also expect faster time to market with Collinear.  Our solutions bypass the right-of-way and regulatory hurdles associated with fixed transport alternatives. With our free-space optical products, there is no need to wait for licensed spectrum availability, as the associated spectrum is all non-licensed.  And, the physical deployment of Collinear’s products has been carefully engineered to be performed with minimal time and effort.

A key aspect of the choice for many solutions is overall affordability. On a cost per bit per kilometer basis, Collinear’s HybridCNX outperforms alternatives. Collinear’s hybrid solution enables transmission at the same reliability and capacity as other solutions over a longer distance.

And, with the increase in the diversity of traffic, a key aspect for decisions on solutions that involve low latency and high priority traffic is the ability to achieve adaptive capacity.  Collinear’s LinkLogic software takes into account the programmed class of service treatments for different traffic flows and applies those treatments real-time.  This means the capacity is adapted to the traffic flow, and higher performance is delivered without over- or under-provisioning the network since each link is used to its maximum capacity.

This is wireless transport your way – at the capacity, latency and reliability you need for all the different kinds of traffic you manage. And, the intelligence Collinear has engineered to enable adaptive capacity today will also provide new edge-centric solutions for networks in the future.

Mobile Networks

Wireless Alternative to Fiber for Mobile Backhaul

Collinear solves key challenges in 4G and 5G mobile networks including the need for reliable and ultra-high capacity wireless connectivity for backhaul and for small cell aggregation.

New radio sites are expected to require 10Gbps or greater backhaul capacity, a driving force behind the industry’s push for fiber as the main technology for 5G networks.  But it is difficult to deploy terrestrial fiber at all the potential locations of small cell base stations.

A more cost-effective and easy-to-deploy alternative is wireless backhaul, where small cell traffic is carried over microwave links. However, these links cannot provide the higher capacity needed for next generation 5G services.  Instead, service providers have adopted higher frequency mmWave links, or dual-band links, which increases capacity, but provides little improvement in reliability.

For the ultimate in capacity and reliability, Collinear offers the HybridCNXTM for mobile backhaul.  Able to push up to 20Gbps over longer distances than radio frequency only solutions, the HybridCNX is an ideal solution for mobile backhaul. The HybridCNX not only provides a dual-technology link comprised of mmWave and Free-space optics, but can also overlay an existing microwave link to provide higher capacity.

And, Collinear’s products provide an ultra-high capacity back-up for existing fiber lines where service level agreements or customer requirements demand always-on availability.

Small Cell Aggregation

Macro cell sites, where small cells are aggregated, need to support traffic management capabilities, and be upgraded to higher capacity and port densities. The CNX System is built to support the traffic capacity, port density and traffic management demands small cells will require where the macro site aggregates traffic of a small cell clusters. In addition, Collinear’s HybridCNX provides enough capacity that it can be used as a fiber replacement in metro / aggregation rings where fiber is not feasible, or where a backup is needed to reduce the impact of fiber cuts.

Event or “Pop-up” Capacity

For the intermittent or unplanned capacity crunch, Collinear’s products can provide up to 20Gbps capacity in days, not months.  Even when radio spectrum is unavailable, Collinear’s LightCNX free-space optical link can be deployed. Unlike other free-space optical solutions, the LightCNX has a smaller form factor, and easier installation, enabling “pop-up” capacity in non-licensed spectrum virtually anywhere.

Fixed Networks

Gigabit broadband access is increasingly important for new consumer services such as 4K/8K video, AR/VR, gaming, and home automation.  In many instances, fiber is too expensive, too slow to deploy or, in developing countries, too difficult to protect and maintain.  Fixed networks are seeking higher capacity local distribution and wireless connectivity back to fiber rings.

Multi-Gbps Fixed Wireless

Collinear gives service providers a fixed wireless alternative that enables multi-Gbps services more rapidly and more affordably. With Collinear’s mmWave, free-space optics and hybrid options for delivery, deployment can be completed in days, not months.  Collinear’s CNX Director element management system is scalable to manage tens of thousands of links, provides bulk configuration templates and automatically discovers network elements, all of which translate to more smooth and rapid deployment. 

Fiber Back-up

Fiber outages impact not only the network, but most importantly your customer’s experience. Collinear’s products provide multiple solutions to increase the resilience of existing fiber networks.  Network operators with radio spectrum may choose the AirCNX millimeter-wave link for link distances up to 5 km.  A non-licensed option is the free-space optical LightCNX for 2 – 5km ranges.  Or, the combination HybridCNX which utilizes both mmWave and free-space optics to provide the ultimate in wireless transport capacity and reliability.

Enterprise Networks

By 2020, 80% of enterprises, including SME’s, will move their workloads to Cloud DCs, driven by digitization, automation, and cost reduction. Enterprise connectivity demands, both at the branch and the DC, are demanding and expensive to meet with fixed solutions.  And, given the new levels of digitization, the low speed connections (e.g. xDSL) currently used as a backup for fiber-based connections to enterprise branch locations cannot keep up with needs of the enterprise.

Enterprise Campus Connectivity

With millions of buildings yet to be connected to fiber and the problems with distribution through internal building risers, the appeal of high capacity wireless is apparent. In addition, businesses are seeking to deploy redundant links with wireless systems being the product of choice as they provide path diversity.

To mitigate this problem, SD-WAN companies have started offering a software overlay for Enterprises, allowing them to take control of their connectivity needs as demand requires. Collinear’s CNX solutions can be used along with SD-WAN as an alternative to current low capacity connections.

Ultra-Low Latency Communications

The EdgeCNXTM intelligent switch which includes Collinear’s LinkLogicTM software provides a programmable platform for enterprises to develop the transport they need to match their business requirements. Stock exchanges, trading firms, or time-sensitive medical or emergency communications needs are all met with Collinear’s products which provide the reliable ultra-high capacity and ultra-low latency required for real-time communications

IoT Networks

The growing need for connectivity anywhere for Industrial IoT networks is creating new segments of data that require different management and processing. Efficient wireless transport creates new opportunities for moving large amounts of data locally for processing and decision making.

Sensor and Monitoring Data Connectivity

Growth of smart sensors is driving demand for increased capacity delivered to dense clusters of data emerging from the Internet of Things. 

Collinear’s products provide the key to unlocking the vehicular, agricultural, and industrial data streams from sensors and monitors by enabling affordable deployment of connectivity that can be tailored to the use case.  . With programmable classes of service, Collinear’s connectivity solutions adapt to the particular needs of each IoT application.  Whether video camera backhaul, sensor data transport, or connectivity to off-shore or remote monitoring stations, Collinear’s CNX family of products enables secure and reliable transmission with wireless flexibility.  

Collinear Networks, Inc. provides wireless fiber connectivity including free-space optical, millimeter wave, and hybrid links to service provider and enterprise networks around the globe.  As a pioneer in next generation edge and transport technology, Collinear is working to develop intelligent connectivity solutions for a more connected world.

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