Webinar with Chetan Sharma on “Realizing the 5G Promise.”

Publications - April 2018

The 5G promise is big, and the industry is setting its sights on new capabilities that will create entirely new ecosystems expected to generate trillions of new dollars. With any new technology era there will be winners and losers. Operators must rethink traditional deployment capabilities, adapt underlying assumptions, and challenge existing business models to succeed. New techniques, methodologies, and economic models are required for operators to ride into the new 5G growth curve profitably…are you ready?

We invite you to join Chetan Sharma, one of the world’s leading strategists in the mobile industry, and CEO of Chetan Sharma Consulting, for a frank, in-depth discussion about the promise of 5G over the next decade. Attendees will have their specific questions answered and will be the first to receive Sharma’s new white paper, “Realizing the 5G Promise.”

This webinar will be available on demand following the live session.  Follow the link to RSVP, or to download the recorded webinar and white paper after May 10, 2018.

We encourage you to submit a question for Chetan to answer during the Q&A session. Questions should be limited to 200 characters. Questions regarding confidential information will not be answered.

About Chetan Sharma:

Chetan Sharma Consulting is a strategic advisory firm focused on evolving trends, emerging challenges and opportunities, new business models and technology advances. Chetan Sharma is a leading authority on mobile data technologies and consumer trends. He has served as an advisor to senior executive management of several Fortune 100 companies in the wireless space and has advised each of the top 6 global mobile data operators. Chetan sits on the advisory boards of Ericsson, Telefonica, Kymeta, Opanga Networks, Zeotap, NextNav, and many other startups.

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