Collinear makes over-the-air connectivity solutions that help customers quickly deploy fiber-like bandwidth where fiber is unavailable. The reliability and prioritization capabilities inherently available in the solution accommodate diverse traffic types supporting multiple business models. The solution includes intelligent edge and diverse transport links for high availability and higher reliability.

As more nodes and end points are added to communication networks around the globe, it is no surprise that connectivity everywhere has become increasingly challenging. Compounding the challenge is the increasing diversity of traffic types, and devices connecting to those networks. Collinear gives operators the ability to provide multi-gigabit capacity throughout the network while avoiding the high costs and long lead times of terrestrial fiber deployment. Collinear solutions also have the distinct advantage of being able to match that capacity intelligently to the atmospheric and environmental characteristics to provide highly available seamless network capacity.

Combining innovative Free Space Optical technology (licensed from Lockheed Martin), with mmWave RF and an intelligent edge compute platform, Collinear’s solutions provide multi-gigabit capacity that can be deployed more quickly than terrestrial fiber-based solutions to support 4G, 5G, Enterprise and IoT networks.


Collinear’s solutions simultaneously take advantage of multiple transport technologies, including RF and Free Space Optical, bringing the best of both into one managed network link. Our unique analytics and applied intelligence for advanced traffic handling enable dynamic, real-time matching of traffic with over-the-air transport, even in hard to reach spots in the network.


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